Locksmith Video Training School

Milpitas Locksmith is a 24 hour locksmith in Milpitas CA.

Are you interested in becoming a mobile locksmith? Have you searched and searched and just can’t find a locksmith school right for you? Well in this post I am going to tell you about the latest way in learning the trade.
The newest training available to become a locksmith is Locksmith Video School. This school offers two courses and in this post I am going to discuss the Advanced Plus Manual and Tools course. This course covers ten courses throughout the program.
The video portion of the course is what makes this training style unique. The videos are made in real-world situations and are very easy to understand. The videos get to the point and show you the skills that you need to learn to become a successful mobile locksmith.
The advanced plus course comes with all 10 courses on DVD. However, this program does not stop here. You also receive manual that go with the DVD’s, Tools needed for the trade, phone support, and an exam.


A Milpitas Locksmith can provide protection for your assets, business and family.

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